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When to use plastic springs in an application

Plastic springs offer a number of benefits, to a variety of spring applications. Lee Spring has developed the LeeP™ Spring in response to increased requests for spring products combining the strength offered by metal, with the special attributes of high performing engineered thermoplastics.

However, it is important to understand when to use plastic rather than metal springs. Plastic LeeP Springs have been specifically designed to meet various specific spring application requirements that require the spring to be inert, non-corrosive and non-metallic. Examples of spring applications suitable for plastic springs include :

Medical products
Pharmaceutical delivery devices
Water purification systems
Automotive interiors
Imaging and X-Ray equipment
Aerospace products
Marine products
Products in Chemical environments
Communication devices
Cosmetics packaging and background

Plastic LeeP™ Springs from Lee Spring offer several advantages

  • Because LeeP Springs are made of plastic, which is a non-magnetic material, they do not interfere with imaging or other Ferro-sensitive technologies
  • LeeP Springs are suitable for non-conductive spring applications because they are produced from a Dielectric insulating material
  • LeeP Springs can help to protect product purity due to the inert non-contaminating plastic composite
  • Due to minimal flammability and toxicity, LeeP Springs offer environmental safety
  • LeeP Springs are also recyclable as well as compliant with most Global regulations including RoHS and REACH
  • Offering high strength to weight ratios, LeeP Springs optimise performance while reducing mass
  • LeeP Springs deliver excellent stability of their physical and mechanical properties even when exposed to elevated temperatures of up to 340°F
  • With a high resistance to corrosion LeeP Springs are compatible with a wide range of chemicals such as strong acids, weak bases, aromatics, and ketones
  • LeeP plastic springs are a unique patent pending spring design that maximises spring rates and cycle life, while minimizing solid height

A stock of LeeP Plastic Composite Springs is available in varying sizes and strengths. Colour coding ensures the varying spring strengths are easily identified.  Please contact Lee Spring for more information



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