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New Lee Spring catalogue out now

The latest edition of the Lee Spring UK catalogue features a range of new springs, including High Pressure Springs, Metric Bantam Mini Springs and the latest in Heavy Duty Die Springs.

Available to order now, the new Series 20 Lee Spring catalogue includes almost 20,000 spring products.

“We have added a number of new products to our range of stock springs, offering customers an even greater variety of springs to meet their specific needs” says Chris Petts, Managing Director of Lee Spring UK.

New Metric Bantam™ Mini Compression Springs

New Metric Bantam™ Mini Compression Springs from Lee Spring are powerful springs designed to operate in small spaces and are used in various applications, including in medical instruments and surgical tools, firearms, communication devices and hardware, as well as in the aerospace, automotive and marine sectors.

“Manufacturing springs using metric-wire helps us to offer more accurate spring measurement to customers working in metric units” explains Chris Petts. “It helps our customers to achieve precision and accuracy as well as speed up the specification process.”

The new metric range of Bantam™ mini compression springs starts at .010mm, which is just a little thicker than a human hair, with outside diameters from .81 to 1.65 mm and free lengths from 1 mm to 14 mm.  The existing imperial (inches) range of Bantam springs ranges from a .004” to .0055” wire diameter, with outside diameters of.025 to .057”.

Made using Elgiloy™, a high temperature resistant, non-magnetic nickel alloy that is 10% stronger than Type 316 Stainless Steel, these miniature stock springs offer a combination of strength and corrosion resistance.

New High Pressure Compression Springs

Lee Spring has also added a range of low index, High Pressure Compression Springs to its stock spring range. The Lee Spring engineering team has designed an offering of 144 slender parts packed with high load capacities, rated to pressures of 300, 400, and 500 psi.

High Pressure Series Compression Springs in 17-7PH Stainless Steel are passivated, shotpeened, and preset, to provide a balance of corrosion resistance, high strength, and toughness.

Previously when customers required high spring rates they could only have been found in the largest stock compression spring sizes or in custom spring designs but the new High Pressure Compression Springs offer very high spring rates in a more compact spring design. ‘Spring rate’ is determined by how many pounds a spring can be compressed one inch. Low spring rate is when the springs are soft and easier to compress. A high spring rate is when the spring is stiffer and more difficult to compress. 

This new line of High Pressure Compression Springs is suitable for applications with small spaces requiring firm, but not rigid, slender springs.  They are used in a variety of applications including switches, ball plungers, safety relief valves, quick change tools and vice clamps.

Heavy Duty Die Springs

The latest Heavy Duty Die Springs also feature in the new Lee Spring catalogue.  A die spring is a type of heavy duty compression spring manufactured using round wire specifically designed to be used in ‘Dies’ or as heavy duty coil springs in any heavy stress, heavy load applications.

Lee Spring offers five different Heavy Duty Die Spring configurations, according to load. Heavy Duty Die Springs are suitable for applications from medium duty up to extra heavy duty die springs, depending on requirements. These heavy duty springs can be found in brakes, clutches, aircraft mechanisms and farm machinery.

To supplement its extensive range of stock springs, Lee Spring offers a custom spring design service, ‘Custom Springs Direct’, which is a streamlined service for the provision of bespoke designed and manufactured springs.

The new series 20 Lee Spring catalogue is available to order online. A series of Lee Spring video blogs is available on the Lee Spring UK YouTube channel . Alternatively, contact us for more information.

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