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Welcome to 'Custom Springs Direct' - a streamlined service for the provision of custom designed and manufactured springs.

All you have to do is send us a drawing or specification form to show what you need, including load requirements and quantity, direct to our dedicated custom spring email address: sales@leespring.co.uk and we'll come back to you within 24 hours.

Help with selecting spring requirements

-download any one of eight spring type specification forms from our website and then choose the spring type you need click here.
-get help from our Glossary that explains some of the terminology used in specifying custom springs click here.
-Materials, finishing, operational temperatures and tolerances are detailed in Specification & Tolerances data click here.

We also have the capability to produce many other types of springs, washers, wire forms and stampings as well as assemblies of these products. Please contact us to discuss your particular application.

Custom Spring design and Manufacture

Lee Spring can design and manufacture a virtually unlimited variety of spring configurations and specifications.

Compression and Extension Wire Diameter Range: .005” - .500”
Torsion Wire Diameter Range: .005” - .187”

Wide range of alloys available including:

• Stainless Steel 17-7 and 316
• Phosphor Bronze
• Hastelloy ®
• Inconel 600, 718 and x750
• Beryllium Copper
• Elgiloy
and many others

Fourslide parts:
• Wire Diameter: .005” - .187”
• Strip Width: .010” - .500”
• Strip Thickness: .003” - .125”

Wireforms and Stampings, as well as assemblies of these products.

We can work from your drawings, specifications or part samples.

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