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 Lee Spring
Lee Spring
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Specialty springs: Lee Spring offers a wide variety of specialty springs to fit any requirement. We have the capability to design and manufacture any specialty spring to your specifications.

 Lee Spring
Lee Spring
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Complete Catalogue (13.8mb PDF)

Download Catalogue by Section
Catalogue Section PDF File Size
  Introduction 0.5mb  
Spring Kits 0.3mb
LeeP™ Plastic Composite Compression Springs 0.9mb
Compression Springs 6.1mb
  Die Springs 1.9mb  
  REDUX™ Wave Springs 0.4mb  
  Belleville Spring Washers 0.3mb  
Extension Springs 1.0mb
Torsion Springs 0.5mb
  Constant Force Springs 0.2mb  
Battery Springs 0.3mb
Continuous Length Extension Springs 0.3mb
  Custom Quote Specification Forms 0.5mb  
Engineering Data 0.3mb
  Locations 0.2mb  
How to Order 0.3mb
Lee Spring
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Lee Spring
Lee Spring
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